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Thunderbolt Pictures

We are dedicated to entertainment that highlights the noise makers

and atmosphere shifters as well as assembling the creative rebels to make them a reality.


We are a production company and 12,000sq. ft. production studio located in the heart of Burbank, CA


Our Latest Releases

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THUNDERBOLT PICTURES is a production company dedicated to stories about the noise makers and atmosphere shifters. We seek to utilize the medium of scripted narrative and feature film in order to inspire, challenge and entertain societies, cultures and families within the 18-24 and 25+ demographic. At the heart of each story holds truth about resilience, innovation and unity surrounding characters, events and created worlds that audiences across the globe will be able to connect with.


THUNDERBOLT PICTURES sees the opportunity for innovative stories to exist across genres and has acquired and developed a slate of films and scripted narratives for production and financing. Through our network of producers and financiers, we seek to produce these stories for the current market while also maintaining creative vision. Not only do we seek stories about “the ones who see things differently” but we seek out those “rebels” for each project. Our goal to build a network of producers and creators begins with building a team for each project's needs in order to bring it to its full and realized potential. As a slate oriented company we are always developing new content and seeking new partnerships to push the grade and innovate the industry.

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